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1ST PRIZE $40,000

1ST PRIZE $40,000

2ND PRIZE $10,000

2ND PRIZE $10,000

3RD PRIZE $5,000

Tuition Games - Win your tuition



You can do anything you want with the winnings.​ We encourage you to use it to pay off your tuition but its your money, use it how you want to.

The winner is announced on our website and social media the first Monday after the event. You will also receive an e-mail notification.

You will receive the winnings within five business days following the event.

You will receive a check for the full amount won.

You must be 18 years or older.

Current Students
You may currently be in an institution for continuing higher learning. From university to trades school and everything in between we welcome you to Tuition Games.

Graduates and Non Graduates
There is no requirement of you having to completed a degree. Whether you graduated or stopped attending school before completing a degree we welcome you to Tuition Games.

Your tuition must have been accumulated from a school in USA. You may have tuition of any amount from $1 to $100,000+. If you have paid off a portion or even the full amount of your tuition in the last five years you may still participate and win Tuition Games.

There are three cash prizes. Total winning pot is $55,000.

​1st Prize $40,000
2nd Prize $10,000
3rd Prize $5,000

Pay tuition off in just one day.

Live a better life, your way.

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